The Europe logistic Profile

we are international transportation and foreign trader, providing services in the airway, railway, seaway, and roadway with the demands of our customers, since 2006.
Our professional, Fast And Safe Road Transportation in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Middle East, Europe doing perfectly.
we are approved by T. C. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate K1, R1, and R2 Certificate, We Provide the Most Reliable and Fastest Service to Our Customers with 200 Fleet of Vehicles in Complete Vehicle Allocation, Partial Loading, Heavy Cargo and Project Transportation.

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As a Leading Company and a Brand in International Logistics, We Providing ‘Complete Solution’ Services, Continuously Raising its Targets in the Sector and Evaluating New Technology Opportunities by Producing Special Service Alternatives for the Customer.
having professional expert Employees in Transport and Storage Services helps us to perform the best way day by day.


Using High Technological Tools to improve our quality of services ıs our mission.
Our Corporate Structure in Domestic and International Transport and Storage Services is the Business Ethics, Responsibility Consciousness, Creating Corporate Transport Awareness, and Increasing Competitiveness in the Sector as an Exemplary Institution and Organization by Realizing More than the Expectations of our vision.

Europe Logistics is the first industrial company to use Satellite System Technology for Vehicle Tracking.
These Systems reports, our truck’s locations, and their stop durations, total distance, all Costs and, more details.
In the Automotive Sector, JIT (Just In Time) Provides Information Transfer in Electronic Environment Using Internet-Based Applications (Oplog-Optimization Logistics) and Performs Maximum Capacity Utilization and Performance by Using Internet-Based Applications (Oplog-Optimization Logistics) While Performing Distribution and Collection Operations. In addition, with the Driver Tracking System (Poliroute) it uses, the driver monitors the performance of the loading and unloading times.


Railway Transportation

Safe, Practical And Economic Solutions To The Middle East And European Countries Through Conventional Or Intermodal Transportation

Seaway Transportation

Standard, Open-Top, Reefer, Flat-Rack, High-Cube And Other Transportation Models For Your Complete Or Partial Cargoes To Any Port In The World, Quick And Easy Way By Any Transportation Systems Is Possible With Us

Roadway Transportation

By 200 Truck We Are Ready And Carry Out To Do The Shipment In Term Of Time And Deliver To Consignee

Airway Transportation

Consolidated Transport, Express Transport, Door-To-Door And Hand-Carry Service Options, Full Container Transport, And Multi-Modal Transport Services To Any Point In The World By Europe Logistic Today Is Possible